Shipyard provides container management. Shipyard strives to be as Docker centric as possible.

The containers view is modeled directly after the docker ps command in the Docker command line interface. You can quickly see all containers that are present in the Swarm cluster. You can also filter containers using the search feature.


As with docker inspect, Shipyard can also show container details such as ID, command, links etc. We combine information from docker top to also show the running processes in the container. Also shown is the node on which the container is running.


Container stats are vital in assessing application and service performance. Shipyard provides a graphical view pulling data from the Docker Stats API similar to the docker stats command.


Logs are as important as stats. Shipyard provides the ability to view container logs as you would from docker logs


Sometimes it is useful to debug a container to see logs or debug a specific issue. When using the Docker CLI, you can use docker exec to spawn another process in a container. Shipyard provides this ability through a web based console.